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Mobile Services

Our fully equipped truck carries a Car-O-Liner chassis machine, Commercial Kit, Porta Powers, compressor, Mig Welder, 3 phase spot welder and hand tool etc.

In addition, we carry on board full data specification sheets for most cars and a CD Rom of the complete list of specifications supplied by Car-O-Liner.

Please note: We do require a flat concrete surface to work on and a 240 volt power supply. Limitations do exist in urban areas due to noise and access.

mobile service


Are you buying a damaged car for repair? Need Help? Contact Des The Chassis Man.

Des will inspect damaged vehicles on site and at auctions etc. In addition, he will advise you of the true extent of the damage and will give you an estimate on parts' prices and will recommend a fair price to pay for the damaged vehicle. In the end, a few dollars spent before you buy, could save you thousands of dollars!

Do you know HOW badly damaged the car really is ? Remember that the condition of some cars can appear worse than they are by comparison to others, which often requires hidden costly repairs. Des can tell you.